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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

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Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about the Antonov, the club, and flight operations. Should you have a question not listed here, please write an email () to us, call us, or send mail (Contact information available by this Link).


  1. How much does the Membership cost?
    20 CHF per year, valid per household.
  2. What's the price of chartering the whole plane?
    1620 CHF per hour, including 1 Landing at the homebase (Birrfeld).
  3. How many persons can fly along?
    12 Passengers. See also the page "Our airplane"
  4. How much does a flying hour cost per Person?
    150 CHF for an adult, children pay half, infants travel free (our youngest passenger was just shy of 10 months!)
  5. Where can one fly to?
    In short: Everywhere! Thanks to her unique flight characteristics, the Antonov An-2 can land at airports of any size and style (grass/asphalt). With some planning, you can even land on the field of your friendly farmer. The Range of Rusalka would even allow Birrfeld-Heathrow. We compiled some flight ideas on the Page "Flights".
  6. Are there gift certificates available?
    Yes, for both memberships and club flights. For information, ordering etc. please just write an email ) to us, or call us (See contact page).
  7. Who owns the plane?
    Even though we sometimes joke about it ("the left wing is mine!"), Rusalka is owned and operated by the club.
  8. How old is Rusalka?
    You don't ask a lady for her age ;-) Jokes aside, as of today (2022), she's 44 (built in 1978) and very healthy.
  9. What's the Antonov An-2's engine power?
    Our model, the Antonov An-2TP, has a Shvetsov ASh-62IR with a maximum power output of 1000 hp. Over 30'000 ccm (!) displacement are distributed over nine cylinders.

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