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The Antonov An-2 ist the world's biggest single-engined biplane. Constructed in the 40s by Oleg Konstantinovitch Antonov, the first models were built in Kiev, then part of the former USSR. The maiden flight took place in 1947. The An-2 is widely regarded as one of the safest planes around, having an elaborated and well matured design. To this very day, airplane engineers around the world pay respect to this machine.

Aufriss An-2

Technical Data:

Construction Type: all-metal semi shell
Wingspan × Length × Height:
18 × 14 × 5,40 m
Cruise Speed: 180-200 km/h (~100 kts)
9-cylinder single radial
Displacement: 30000 ccm
1000 hp
Four-Blade, Ø 3,60 m
Service ceiling:
ca. 4‘500 AMSL
ca. 1200 km
Required Take off-/Landing runway:
ca. 220 m

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