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The club

Our team, which does not consist solely of pilots, has formed out of our shared enthusiasm for this special airplane. In November 2006, we made the decision to purchase an Antonov An-2 and to found a club for this purpose.

Clubmitglieder in Samedan

Club members in Samedan
(on the occasion of a TV Show)

It took a lot of effort, but on met our goals on August 26th 2007, when the club was lawfully established. By then, specialists in Lithuania worked already for 5 Months on a machine carfeully selected by us. Finally, on September 30th the same year, we flew the completely and painstakingly overhauled, painted exactly by our vision, absolutely stunning and meticulously prepared An-2 from Lithuania to Switzerland.

Masuren, Heimflug
Over Masuria, Poland, on our way home


The club's name:

Our club name AVIANNA is composed of the two words AVIA and ANNA, the russian affectionate name of the Antonov 2 in the former USSR. This resulted in AVIA-ANNA, simplified to AVIANNA. As a shorthand symbol, we sometimes use "ANC" (short for "ANTONOV CLUB AVIANNA").

The club's scope:
The ANC not only seeks to preserve the both historically and aeronautically significant Antonov 2 in flying condition, but moreover to share the fascination of it's technology and let a broad audience enjoy flying the classic way. Hence, we look forward to new members and heartily welcome them.

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